Making Trade Simple With Three Quality Services


Whether you are a first time importer / exporter or an experienced trader, even the most well planned ventures run into roadblocks from time to time; that’s why knowing where to turn for guidance is so important. Our trade counselors have over 40 years combined experience, and the resources to help you navigate the obstacles of importing and exporting.
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Don’t get caught unprepared! Global trade can be complicated, and certification of training is a major factor in the event of a customs audit. With our bi-annual training series you gain an insider’s perspective and the certificate to prove it. Taught by industry professionals, we offer seminars on Importing, Exporting, NAFTA/Free Trade Agreements & more.
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Market Research

Our business advisors, in conjunction with international interns from area colleges and universities, can serve as your virtual international business intelligence team. We can help you determine which countries to target for export and what you can expect from a regulatory, labeling, competitive, duty, tax, and cultural perspective.
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